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About Us

about us

Built by customers, for customers.

About Uk Tv Care

At Uk Tv Care we are committed to getting your Digital equipment back up and running should anything happen to it.  We recognise that repairing or replacing these items can be costly and inconvenient, which is why we introduced Uk Tv Care to our customers back in 2009.

Uk Tv Care is unique in the fact that we only cover Digital equipment viewers in the local area, which enables us to give customers a personal, fast and effect service that you can rely on.

Why would I need Uk Tv Care?

The one year guarantee that comes with your TV package does not cover you for accidental damage on your box, mini dish or remote or loss of viewing.

Once your one year guarantee expires, your Digital equipment then becomes your own, meaning you are responsible for your own repair costs should anything happen to it.  A typical engineer call out will cost in the region of £55, with a replacement box costing upto £250.

How does Uk Tv Care work?

    We fully protect all your Digital equipment, including your minidish and remote control against accidental damage and faults

    Should you have any minor problems we offer technical phone support

    If the worst should happen, you can call our direct Uk Tv Care phone line

    We will then arrange for one of our fully trained engineers to visit your home within 24 hours of your call

    Repair of your equipment or replacement if necessary will be completely free of charge

    We also offer loan set’s should we need to take yours away for repair.

    You can use Uk Tv Care as many times as you like.

How much will Uk Tv Care cost me?

Complete cover will cost just £198 per 3 years, that's just 18p per day for complete peace of mind.

For a full run down of what is included in your Uk Tv Care package please see our terms and conditions.

Find out more about Uk Tv Care - we will repair your TV box and equipment and give you a temporary replacement if your Digital equipment viewing is disturbed!

- See more at: Terms & Conditions

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